Our company is specialized in the transformation of sun-dried tomatoes.
We are located in Tunisia , in the region of Siliana. This area is known for its products quality and its climate.
Our goal is to produce premium sun dried tomatoes for the international market.
We provide supervision and control of all stages of the sun-dried tomato, from harvesting to production.
Our company has established cultivation contracts with about twenty farmers who work with us for many years.
These farmers, who are our partners, are supported and controlled by our engineers from the selection of seeds to harvest.
The quality of our control and monitoring allows us to always achieve the satisfaction of our customers.
Physical, chemical and microbiological tests are performed in a laboratory at all stages : from raw material to finished product.
Our goal is always to improve our infrastructure and procedures. We put everything in place to build with our customers a strong relationships in the long term .
We consider our buyers as partners, our philosophy is based on trust , honesty and integrity .

If you are looking for a reliable supplier, we are at your disposal for any information on our sun-dried tomatoes.