Sun dried tomatoes are tomatoes that are placed in the sun to remove water from the tomato. During this process, the tomato can lose up to 93 % of its weight. It is therefore 10 to 14 pounds of fresh tomatoes for a kilo of sun-dried tomato. The steps for sun dried tomatoes :

The cultivation of tomato
We have contracts with several farmers in the region of Siliana . Our engineering team provided them a permanent supervision.

The drying tomatoes in the sun
Every year from June, the drying process of tomato starts . We select tomatoes that meet our quality criteria. The tomatoes are then washed with water , cut in half and salt . The exposure process in the sun begins. All under our quality control agents.

The sorting
When the drying process is complete, dried tomatoes are transported in our sorting unit . Our team is then responsible for sorting according sundried tomatoes three quality levels : Extra, Class I and Class II. The choice is made according to criteria of size , color, consistency and appearance .

The conditioning
Once sorted sun dried tomatoes are packed in cartons or in vacuum bags and stored in a cold room to ensure product quality .