Our company

Our company was founded in the fertile region of Siliana . It is a region whose history dates back over 3,000 years to the Punic and then Roman times. The famous general Hannibal had his last battle there.
Our plant consists of 700 sqm of covered area and 100 m² storage area. Two cold rooms of 150 sqm. We have 300 beds for sun drying.
The fresh tomatoes that we use are produced and harvested by farmers with whom we have contracts and are controlled by our quality service. The tomatoes are then transported to our factory within 24 hours. Tomatoes transported are processed the same day so as not to lose the freshness of the fruit. All stages of the drying process is controlled by our quality agents.
We have successfully exported various agricultural products worldwide . We focus on quality and total customer satisfaction .
We specialized in the sundried tomatoes which allowed us to master the best practices to achieve a higher quality product tomato.
Our entire team puts all its know-how and expertise at every stage of the drying process in order to have a perfect sundried tomatoes .
We are known for :